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Tiling Your Bathroom Floors

January 10th, 2014

When it comes to flooring, many home owners first think to replace their flooring in the larger rooms in their home, such as their living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. One of the top flooring trends of the New Year isn’t in any of these rooms, and instead, it’s bringing tiles to your bathroom floor. Small mosaic tiles are hot right now, as they offer a one-of-a-kind look.

Tiling is used to create architectural and visual interest in your room, and it is important to consider where your tile will start and stop. If, in your bathroom there is no clear way to end the tile, placing the tile on the walls is a great way to add more charm to your room.

tile up wall

Creating a vintage feel with tiles can be done with the use of mosaic tiling, especially when there are multiple colors and patterns being used. If your bathroom has a claw-foot tub, vintage tiling can add nostalgic charm to your space.

vintage tiles


A rugged, masculine feel can be created by choosing tiles that are earthy and natural, which can go great in a bathroom that is taking on a mountainside feel. To emphasize the natural tiles, either bring the tiles on the walls, or choose an earthy wall covering, such as brick or wood.

rugged tiles

How are you using tiles in your bathroom?

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Making up Your Design Mind

March 5th, 2013

You are constantly bombarded by hundreds of new design ideas every day. Sites like Pinterest, Houzz, and Cultivate seem to display new trends every 10 minutes. We also can’t leave out the large amount of design magazines that line store shelves every month.

With all these ideas flashing across your eyes how in the word will you be able to settle on just one?

The easiest answer is, trust your gut! Educate yourself on the designs and only think about the big picture and not the little things. Then, distract yourself.  Clear your mind of all the options, go for a walk, start a new task, or play a puzzle game. Once you have spent some time away go through all your options quickly and pick the one that gives you the best emotional reaction.

Your gut will be able to choose the best design well before the rest of your brain can pick up on it.

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Selecting the Right Wood Floor

February 26th, 2013

Wood flooring comes in different forms and sizes. You also have to take into account where you live and what type of weather your floor will be encountering.

The first decision will be solid or engineered. Solid is a great option for strength, long life, and multiple refinishes. Engineered is a little less costly and comes in 3 ply and 5 ply (ply meaning number of layers). Engineered is a better option for us up north since it is less reactive with the change in weather.

You will also have to put the width of the board into consideration. Smaller 3 inch boards are a classic look whereas 5 inch and winder boards are becoming very popular. Once again the regain you live in will impact what the best choice will be. Northern climates will want to limit the width were as regains with less extreme weather can choose a wider variety.

Wood species is another choice that has to be made. All species break down into two categories, domestic and exotic. Domestic is a great choice that will encore fewer problems since it has grown and adapted to our climates. Exotic has a great look but can be a little picky when placed in a new climate. You may find more than average expansion and contraction when using exotic.

A great showroom like ours can walk you through all the choices that have to be made. You can become over whelmed easily but take it slow and with a little knowledge you will be very happy with your selection.


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Expressing Yourself with Design

February 19th, 2013

It seems that more and more homeowners are decorating and designing their homes from magazine cut outs and by what other people tell them. These sources may have good ideas and their designs work great, but you have to be careful not to fall into a trap of decorating your home to their taste.

If you’re trying to find a new trend to decorate with, make sure you’re really in love with the style. There is nothing worse than spend all the time and money on a space and then having it be un-functional and irritating to live in. Don’t be afraid to try new things, but don’t change a wall color because it looks good in a magazine even though you know it will be uncomfortable being surrounded by it every day.

Remember to scale your furniture to the room you are placing it in. Don’t buy a luxurious couch when you know it will either over power the room or it will be too small and insignificant. Remember that functional knickknacks are best and you should put away all the clutter that is just sitting around.

A harmonious balance between design and self-interest will bring about the best results.


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Cleaning Carpet Made Easy

February 12th, 2013

Nothing is worse than a pesky stain in the middle of your impeccably decorated home. Soil and oil from foot and animal traffic builds up, and let’s not forget all the spills that occur during the course of a year. Carpet manufactures recommend having your flooring professionally cleaned ever 12 to 18 months, but what about the year and a half in-between?

It’s amazing how simple solutions can help lift stains out and keep your room looking fresh.

Baking soda is your best bet at getting a stain or soil mark out. Sprinkle a generous amount on the area and then soak with a water bottle. Scrub the mix in and wait for the magic to happen. Vacuum after a little bit of time has passed and then wash the area with clean water.

Club soda and salt has been known to take out very tough stains. If you’re like me you heard stories from your parents and/or grandparents about this combination. Crush salt into the stain and then add the club soda. Wait about an hour and then vacuum and clean the area with fresh water.

Ammonia is an all-around home cleaner. A lit amount mixed with water can go a long way. Make sure to keep windows open to avoid the strong aroma.

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Ceramic Tiles the New Wood?

February 5th, 2013

Everyone loves wood floors, but many have no idea about the constant monitoring and caring you have to do to maintain them. Luckily Ceramic tiles are coming to the rescue. With advances in printing you are able to get a great wood or stone look from an easy to maintain product. Top of the line scanners run over natural products and then are able to almost exactly replicate the image onto a tile.

Why would you choose tiles over wood and stone? The biggest advantage is that tile needs little to almost no care and comes with a much longer life. This means no resealing, no refinishing, and you do not have to worry about wear and tear in high traffic areas. Tiles are also much more cost effective, they are usually near the bottom of the cost chart for floor covering options.

For added comfort you will want to look into in-floor heating. If you live in a northern climate like we do a beautiful tile floor will look great but it will be even better when it keeps your toes warm.


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Quick and Easy Home Design

January 29th, 2013

Changing a home’s interior design doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul. There are tons of little things you can change throughout your space that can make a big difference. Take a walk around and start being creative. Try to find little areas you can change that will stimulate your senses and also the space.

Some of the smallest and easiest way to make a big impact is with pillows, frames, blankets, and flower pots. Usually a home is mostly neutral shades; by adding a splash of color you can really give a plain room some creative life. Colors like orange and yellow will brighten up the room and give it more of a fun atmosphere. 


If you feel like getting a little more involved, window shades and accent walls are some of the best ways to completely change how a room feels. Try hanging light fabric curtains in bright shades to keep your room from becoming too dark. Accent walls are best to keep in neutral colors unless you have a larger room design planned.

For a real simple and quick change, switch out your light bulbs with pink ones. This will soften the area and give some depth and shadow to the room.

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Baby its Cold Outside

January 22nd, 2013

If you are reading this and you reside in the mid-west then you know winter has officially hit us, and hit us hard. The cold not only makes going outside miserable but also has a big impact on the inside of your home.  Colder weather means higher heating, snow being tracked in, and very dry air.

Heating systems can lower the humidity level in your home. Low humidity levels can cause wood flooring to contract, gap, cup, and check. You also will notice that your wood cabinets and even plaster will start crack or shift with the low humidity. The key is to use a hygrometer or humidifier to maintain the humidity level in your home. Try to keep your home air between 35% and 50%.

Our shoes will carry in all kinds of rocks, salt, and snow, all of which will damage your floor. Make sure you have a good area rug in front of your door to catch all of these hazards. Try using a plastic tray to set shoes on once they are removed. The tray will catch the melting snow run off and avoid any possible problems with your floor.

It may look dreary outside but with a little preparation your home will stay beautiful and cozy inside.

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Bed Room Design

January 15th, 2013

You spend 1/3 of your life in bed; why not make it a place you love. Bedrooms use to be just an 8ft by 5Ft rooms just big enough to fit a bed. Now we strive for the biggest and best bedroom design we can muster. You have several options when look for the perfect bedroom design. The first step is picking the category that fits your style. This may be a little more challenging than one would like. All the styles have something that is valuable and intriguing.

  • Eclectic – Use different varieties of colors and patterns. Try a couple pieces of furniture that make a strong color statement
  • Romantic – Soft hues and light fabrics. Look for more feminine furniture with curved features that will help smooth out the room.
  • Cottage – Casual easy environment, repurposed items. More of a rustic look with old world charm
  • Asian – Nature inspired designs and furniture, use light color tones to inspire a calm environment
  • Traditional – Timeless design with strong features and neutral tones. Look for furniture that is not part of a trend but will stand the test of time.
  • Contemporary – Sleek furniture with neutral colors. Use sold designs in your fabric and paint.

Traditional and Contemporary are the easiest to pull off and will be easy to maintain through the years. If you feel like making a statement in your bedroom try the Eclectic look. Whatever you decide make sure you design the room to fit your needs and not just from pictures in a magazine.


Traditional Bed Room Design – HGTV


Eclectic Bed Room Design – HGTV


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New Year, New Trends

January 8th, 2013

We have entered into a new year which means we will be seeing new styles and many changes.

 Our Carpet One member stores are already seeing changes to their lines in terms of softness. Both the Tigressa and Innovia lines have utilized new technology and incorporated changes to their fibers. Innovia has introduced the Innotex fiber. This new fiber has silk intro-woven into its pattern to bring a new luxurious feel. Both new innovations will be available in the coming months.

One major trend we are seeing is hard surface flooring throughout the entire home. More builders and designers are limiting carpets and using lighter colored wood finishes to brighten the home. We are seeing great designs and colors being introduced into rugs, which really help to offset the hardness of the floor.

Designers are already predicting that this will be the year of cool neutrals and vibrant colors. Look for shocking statements in design with bold colored accessories and great focal wall design. The Color Collective has named Dutch Boys Jaded Janet at the color of 2013


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