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Selecting the Right Wood Floor

February 26th, 2013

Wood flooring comes in different forms and sizes. You also have to take into account where you live and what type of weather your floor will be encountering.

The first decision will be solid or engineered. Solid is a great option for strength, long life, and multiple refinishes. Engineered is a little less costly and comes in 3 ply and 5 ply (ply meaning number of layers). Engineered is a better option for us up north since it is less reactive with the change in weather.

You will also have to put the width of the board into consideration. Smaller 3 inch boards are a classic look whereas 5 inch and winder boards are becoming very popular. Once again the regain you live in will impact what the best choice will be. Northern climates will want to limit the width were as regains with less extreme weather can choose a wider variety.

Wood species is another choice that has to be made. All species break down into two categories, domestic and exotic. Domestic is a great choice that will encore fewer problems since it has grown and adapted to our climates. Exotic has a great look but can be a little picky when placed in a new climate. You may find more than average expansion and contraction when using exotic.

A great showroom like ours can walk you through all the choices that have to be made. You can become over whelmed easily but take it slow and with a little knowledge you will be very happy with your selection.


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