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Making up Your Design Mind

March 5th, 2013

You are constantly bombarded by hundreds of new design ideas every day. Sites like Pinterest, Houzz, and Cultivate seem to display new trends every 10 minutes. We also can’t leave out the large amount of design magazines that line store shelves every month.

With all these ideas flashing across your eyes how in the word will you be able to settle on just one?

The easiest answer is, trust your gut! Educate yourself on the designs and only think about the big picture and not the little things. Then, distract yourself.  Clear your mind of all the options, go for a walk, start a new task, or play a puzzle game. Once you have spent some time away go through all your options quickly and pick the one that gives you the best emotional reaction.

Your gut will be able to choose the best design well before the rest of your brain can pick up on it.

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One Response to “Making up Your Design Mind”

  1. Well said! When you want better flooring, you have prepared yourself as what kind of flooring do you want and check all the designs. Otherwise we will feel UN comfort. Smart post, thanks for sharing…

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