Carpet/Area Rugs

As the most-popular floor covering available, carpeting has enjoyed tremendous staying power in American households. Carpeting is affordable, comfortable, easy to install and replace, and comes in an almost-limitless number of colors and textures. Carpet brings warmth, comfort and quiet to any room, and it’s easy to clean. Our installers have years of experience and many of them are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Lead carpet installers work closely with our designers to learn the manufacturer’s installation recommendations for new carpeting styles and fabrics.

Many homeowners not opting for carpeting will instead add area rugs to their hardwood, vinyl, tile, or laminate flooring. Area rugs are a great compromise for those who enjoy the look of harder flooring, but desire a softer surface or a color enhancement for portions of their room. Any of the carpets on our showfloor can be bound into rugs and many come in patterns designed for carpet runners.

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