Design Assistance
FocalPoint Design Assistance

Some of our clients have definite ideas about what they want for flooring and countertops. Most of them do not. As a result, we often hear questions like: “What’s in?” “What looks good together?” “Will that work with our lifestyle?” “Can I get it all in one place?”

Our licensed and experienced designers help pull all these answers together so the client’s choices enhance the home you are creating for them and they will love living there. We’ll give them our honest (but gentle) opinions when they ask, and we’ll always have a suggestion to help them make their own decisions.
When the client meets with us for the first time, they should plan to spend at least three hours with one of our designers. We get all the critical information about finished square footage, what photos or fabrics they have to help with color choices, allowances and their closing date.

The designer will also learn about the client’s lifestyles (children, pets and entertaining habits), show them what fits within their allowances, and tell them what we recommend. Together, we’ll make decisions that meet their needs, fulfill their desires, and stay within their budget.